Old KC Brand

USDA Certified Choice Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged BeefThe old KC Brand, Certified, Dry Aged Beef is the result of a time proven, uncompromising set of quality controls and meat processing procedures. To produce the highest quality steaks, you must start with the highest quality cattle. Old KC Brand uses only USDA Certified choice and prime cattle, selected from the country's finest meat packers. To meet our very high standards, all cattle must be uniform in size and quality. This means, all cattle must be of either an A or B maturity, have a minimum of modest marbling, be USDA Field Grade 1 or 2, and weigh between 575 and 625 pounds. This desirable grade and size make up less than 4% of the total beef produced in the United States.

The Old KC Brand, Certified, Dry Aged Beef is produced from beef that had never been bagged or frozen, but is naturally dry, aged, bone-in, in our own special aging coolers with exact temperature, circulation, and humidity controls and is inspected daily as it naturally ages. The natural enzymes contained in the meat will, over time, tenderize and flavor the meat. No other process will yield the same high quality results. Many butcher shops and meat companies age their meat in cryovac bags. This bag-aging process does not produce the results of the traditional, tried and true way of natural dry-aging.

After the meat reaches perfection, then and only then, is it removed from the aging cooler. Meat is then boned and hand trimmed by one of the experienced Kansas City staff members to the Old KC Brand's special specifications. These special trimming specifications give you a higher yielding, superior cut, and eliminate boxed beef’s hidden costs, blood loss, shrinkage, and excess fat and weight discrepancies. And, will actually lower your food cost and guarantee customer satisfaction.


Dry aging is the traditional method of aging meat. In this decades old process, meat is placed on shelves and hung from hooks in a climate controlled (refrigerated) environment where it can be closely monitored by a butcher or trained professional. Many factors are importnat to process of dry aging meats. Temperature is extremely important, meat must be kept between 30 and 36 degrees F. If temperatures rise excessively the product can spoil. If temperatures drops too much, product could freeze, which halts the aging process. Humidity must be kept around 85 percent to reduce water loss in the meat. Controlling bacteria requires good ventilation, the best approach is to hang meat with good spacing. Lastly, an experienced professional who knows the process and the art of aging meat is key to creating a high quality meat product. A keen sense of smell during monitoring process is essential. A connoisseur of aged meats will know when the product is ready. under or over-aged meat does not meet the The Old KC Brand's quality standards.

The process of dry aging meat enhances the flavor.Dry again creates a beefier taste other methods, which leads to better, fuller flavor. Dry aging does typically cost more though. Because meat cannot be stored as densely, storge and other factors increase the production costs. The taste and quality difference of dry aged meat is unmistakable though.

Because of cost and time factors, dry aging is used less frequently than vacuum packaging meats. However, dry-aged meat is often be found in finer restaurants and higher quality stores who cater to meat custoemrs who expect prime cuts and premium quality products.

It is interesting to note that Dry aging meat actually yields more cuts. L&C's dry aged meat will often yield you at least one more cut. This extra cut actually lowers your meat cost.

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