Top Quality Beef

What Makes L&C Meat Dry Aged Beef Better?

Quality Dry Aged Beef Kansas City's L&C Meat uses only the highest quality USDA choice and prime cattle selected from the finest meat packers in the United States. To meet our high standards, all cattle selected must be uniform in size and quality. Cattle must have modest to moderate marbling (marbling is the white lines and streaks of fat seen on lean sections of meat), A USDA yield grade of one or two, and weigh between 575 pounds and 625 pounds. This desirable grade makes up less than 4% of the total beef production in the U.S., however this allows L&C Meat to ensure you consistency in the size and quality of your meat cut.

Our meat products are produced from fine cuts that have never been frozen or bagged. These specially trimmed meats are selected from our own dry aged cooler. This gives you a higher yielding, superior cut, which lowers your food cost. This type of meat selection also helps guarantee satisfaction for meat customers and consumers.

At L&C Meats, 100% of our ground beef is produced from domestic USDA inspected cattle, which is boned and ground daily. The use of fresh full carcass beef assures you of the finest quality product in the industry. Imported, frozen or boxed trimmings are never used in the production of our ground beef.

Meat Consistency and Top Quality

L&C Meat receives its product from major packers in the northern region of the United States. We have found that the cattle from these regions have better muscle texture for our aging process. Once we receive the product, we will store it in our cooler for 14-21 days before transferring it to our aging room.

These sub-primal, Top Sirloin Butts, Strip Loins, Ribeyes, and Short Loins are hung on meat trees and placed in the aging room for 10-14 days. The aging room is maintained at a temperature of 28-34° F. An ozone machine is used to turn the air in the room from a level of O2 to O3, and fans are used to circulate air controlling the humidity level at 80-85%. All of these functions control the level of bacteria growing in the meat and keep the meat from spoiling.

Consistency of quality and freshness is the key to producing superior ground beef. This is obtained by starting with the finest and freshest raw materials processed and tested with our state of the art equipment. Our Anyl Ray meat testing equipment analyzes the fat content of our ground beef to within 1/10 of one percent assuring you that every standard in the beef industry's guidelines is not only met, but exceeded. This assures customer satisfaction 52 weeks a year - every year.